Gnomes been busy – Horses’ Petition – RS Recreation


Signing !!! Successfully completed for the day. The gnomes have been busy !

Signing - the gnomes have been busy

Hmmm …. a lone black one ! It seems 98 per cent of you want RED Specials !! Not the other pretty colours we do ! The funny thing is … although my original home-made instrument WAS red mahogany when I first finished it – over the years it has mellowed into a warm brown. We DO make a version in that colour, but it seems very few people fancy it. However, the Reds are marching out the door in bundles !

Brian May signs Black “Red Special” –

And just a reminder (it’s no longer a spoiler!) this is our current touring stage viewed from the Crow’s Nest ! This has got to be one of yours, Ric !! Love it !

Stage from Crow's Nest
Stage from Crow’s Nest

Sadly, 100 horses have been killed on British racecourses this year. Please sign Animal Aid’s petition calling for urgent action to end the deaths. Over 82,000 people have already signed, but 100,000 signatures are needed for the chance of a debate in Parliament. Time is running out, so please add your voice now: It’s time. Please help by signing and sharing.

Horses' petition

And this is a whole different story … Those are the original pickups I made from Eclipse magnets, Formica about a mile of 48 gauge wire and bits and pieces around 1964. The brilliant Andrew Guyton has made me a recreation of the guitar those pickups first sat in, so I can turn the clock back and perhaps make the journey in a different way. How lucky am I. Thanks Andrew !!!

Red Special recreated by Andrew Guyton
Red Special recreated by Andrew Guyton

I’m having another birthday ! Just cos I can ! Thanks Auntie Moira ! And chaps !

Another birthday ! Just cos I can !

Wow ! There’s a fabulous giant winged horse in the sky ! Or do I have an overdeveloped imagination ? Or a Pegasus complex ?

Winged horse in the sky

Bri X