New Ryugu Stereo !! – and – Total Lunar Eclipse


New RYUGU STEREO !! Hayabusa’s probe is now only 6km from the asteroid. THANKS guys for giving me this pair to play with !! Enjoy, folks ! No human eye has ever seen this before !

New Ryugu stereo

The Asteroid RYUGU. Here’s a more OWL-friendly version of my last post. If you save this to your smart-phone, and use the VR KIT version of the OWL stereoscope (with magnetic back plate) this 3-D pair will leap out nicely ! Alternatively free view this or use a LITE OWL ! For more info on how to acquire these instruments and see more 3-D – please see our website. For more details on Ryugu, see Hayabusa@JAXA.

Ryugu - OWL-friendly stereo
Ryugu – OWL-friendly stereo

TONIGHT !! See if you can see the Moon looking like this ! It’s a Total Lunar Eclipse, usually making the Moon a dim blood red. If you have clear skies tonight, position yourself in a place that has a clear South Eastern horizon, and watch the moon rise around 9 PM (in the UK). It will already be eclipsed, as it rises, so it ought to be a splendid sight if you are not obstructed by clouds. Good luck !! If you are not in the UK, and the moon is already up, have a look right now! This photograph was taken at another total eclipse a few months ago by my friend Jamie Cooper.  His NEW IG account is @Jamiecooperphotography – please visit him ! 



Postscript :  No joy here in Kensington on the night. Dammit !  I’m glad some of you got a good view though !  Send us some pics !! On Twitter ?  Bri

Blood Moon by Jamie Cooper
Blood Moon by Jamie Cooper

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