Thank you Glasgow !!! – and – Rock Dublin one more time !!!


THANK YOU GLASGOW !!! Great pic by Lester Smuski – thanks ! And now to rock Dublin one more time !!!

Roger, Adam and Bri - Glasgow by Lester Smuski
Roger, Adam and Bri – Glasgow by Lester Smuski

Our baby hogs are all doing well ! Can’t wait to see them again !!! Soon they’ll be foraging for themselves. Rescue !!! Hoorah !

Baby hogs doing well

Great pic from Glasgow by Ryan Buchanan. Gives an idea how things will be tonight in Dublin when we play the last chords of this tour !!! HELLO DUBLIN !!!

Glasgow stage view from audience by Ryan Buchanan

Rooooof ! My pal (although I think he’s related to someone in the band …) joined us for Under Pressure in Glasgow ! Maybe he’ll turn up again !!! Thanks @HMSharry !

Bri and Rufus Taylor - Glasgow by @HMSharry

Marley Park, DUBLIN. We’re ready !!!

Panorama - Marley Park, Dublin
Panorama – Marley Park, Dublin


Hey hey ! Out in the field ! Ready to rock in Marley Park ! With The Darkness and the Rats !!! I’m excited. That’s why the camera work is so bad. 

Ready to rock Marley Park

The last chords ! Dublin – tonight we were ALL champions, thank you for awesome interaction. Bless ya all !!

Bri - the last chords, Dublin
Bri – the last chords, Dublin