Had to share this – and – Hello Glasgow Green


Had to share this. This is a picture of my pal Jannicke filming me from behind during Love of my Life at the O2. She joined the camera team to capture shots from the stage as we filmed the shows for a planned future documentary … or something !! Thanks @jannickelife !!!

Jannicke filming Brian at The O2
Jannicke filming Brian at The O2

The iconic thistle !!! Enjoying the beautiful Scottish countryside today. Love it here. Land of my Mum. Beauty.

Scottish thistle

I found these waving purple spikes hypnotic. They’re everywhere up here near Glasgow. What do you call them, folks ? *** Hmmm … thanks for your comments, pals. It seems to be Rosebay Willowherb – otherwise known as Fireweed (but not in the UK) – or Chamerion Angustifolium ! Apparently you can eat it ! These spikes were 6 ft tall.

Brian May: Scottish Rosebay Willowherb – 06/07/2018

Close-up of a floret on one of those purple (pink ?) spikes … Thanks folks. Yes ! Rosebay Willowherb it seems to be. Ah ! Now what is a weed and what is a wild flower ?!!!

Rosebay Willowherb florets

Hi folks !!! Ready to rock in Glasgow Green ? Photo by Jane Sabini ! Thanks !!

Brian ready to rock

Hello Glasgow Green ! Looking a bit more brown and less green today – hopefully it will survive this onslaught ! Much rebuilding has gone on to adapt this production from indoor to outdoor. And a bit of a reconstruction of the set list too !!

Hello Glasgow Green

Ha ha ! This is making me smile ! I wonder how we’ll all be feeling by the time we get to this point tonight ! Out under the stars (we hope!) in Glasgow Toon !!! Rockin’ ! THANK YOU JANE SABINI for the pic ! @Lunawest – sorry Jane !!!

Bri and Adam - making Brian smile - by Jane Sabini

FRANK might be lending me a hand tonight

ri on Frank's hand O2

By yon bonnie banks
And by yon bonnie braes ….
Where the sun shines bright ….

Yon bonnie banks and yon bonne braes

Well it don’t get much more stereoscopic than THAT !!! Good one sir !!!

Adam in stereo by @sciencecomedian

TEXAS are lookin’ good. And sounding good ! And you lovely Sco#Repost from @officialqueenmusic. “Gonna be a big man some day” BohemianRhapsody in theatres November 2nd. !!! Looking cool !!!

Texas looking good
Texas looking good