Definitely Las Vegas – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ Trailer – Press Conference


Mojave Desert - stereo

Amazing Rock outcrop in the Mojave desert. Couldn’t resist a hyper stereo. OK – it’s a bit extreme – wouldn’t fancy it in OWL format – but here I don’t think it will cause any pain … OK ?

Getting closer to BR day !!

Trailer ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ [Bohemian Rhapsody]


Yep. This is definitely Las Vegas. Hurrah !  Ha ! The Phoenix can fly ?! Who knew ?!!! And there’s the good old (faux) Eiffel Tower – at the Paris where our WWRY show resided a few years ago … Nice to be back. Now WE are residing ! 

Brian May: “Yep. This is definitely Las Vegas”

Roger, Adam and Brian, Las Vegas Press Conference
Roger, Adam and Brian, Las Vegas Press Conference

Thanks JohnnyKatz1 ! ! !

Our workplace ! In for rehearsals and hatching new plans. Aha ! We have a surprise or two !

Park Theater

Me and my mate RT. Ready for action ! 

Me and me mate - Bri and Roger