Guess What !!! – Meteor Crater


Guess what !! Sitting in my hand … Well there is a label !

"Space rock - Canyon Diablo - David Eicher Collection - stereo

Meteor Crater !!! Always wanted to do this ! What an incredible place ! I’m gonna share some of the views here – in the most perfectly preserved meteor impact site in the world, near Flagstaff Arizona. I’m feeling very lucky.

Bri at Meteor Crater


Brian May: Over the rim and wheeling around Arizona Meteor Crater 11092018

Over the rim ! Hold on ! I wanted to share this moment. Here it is – Meteor Crater, Arizona – on a perfect day today. We were lucky in so many ways.

Wheeling around the Arizona Meteor Crater – over a mile across. I’m sure most of you folks know what shot I was looking for ! This massive bowl was created 55,000 years ago (quite recently !) by the impact of a chunk of iron – the pre-impacted remnant of an earlier collision between asteroids – about 50 metres across. A direct hit of this size would of course wipe out any city on Earth. And right now probably 99 per cent of small near-earth objects like this are unknown to us. Hence the need to map them – which is the mission of Asteroid Day. 

First stereo – yep – this was what was in my mind ! I have a lot of processing to do – but check this out in 3-D ! Notice the crater isn’t round like most lunar craters – it’s almost square. Well, there’s food for thought !

Meteor Crater almost square - stereo

The raised rim of Meteor Crater – pushed up in 5 seconds by the massive explosive force of impact.

Raised rim of Meteor Crater - stereo