Route 66 – Badger slaughter sanctioned – Comet capture


Route 66 signs

Road trip ! Getting our kicks on – yes, you’ve guessed it ! Route 66 !!!

Largest destruction"

My sadness and disappointment at this decision can hardly be expressed.

The news that a massive further slaughter of our native badgers is now sanctioned by the Government comes at the moment when we finally have in our hands the definitive proof that bovine TB will only be conquered by action within the herds to cut off the routes of reinfection. History will show that the deaths of tens of thousands of badgers gave farmers absolutely no help in the fight against disease in cattle. It’s a massive and tragic mistake. We will fight on in every way we know how. But in spite of this horrendous injustice, we at Save-Me will continue to fight alongside enlightened farmers rather than against them.

I’m personally 100 per cent convinced the Gatcombe strategy will prove to be the beginning of the eradication of TB in farm animals and in wildlife, and that the badger cull will eventually be seen for the utterly ineffective witch-hunt that it really is. 

This is a sad and shameful day.

Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner 2018.09.13

GREAT new comet capture by Jamie Cooper. A light in the darkness.