50 years ago today – Good morning – Wounded knee – Mr Road Runner


50 YEARS AGO TODAY !!! (16 July 1969, 2:32 pm GMT+1)

The launch of surely Mankind’s greatest adventure of all. I salute the brave and ingenious men and women of NASA who made the Impossible possible. Humans walked on the Moon and the Earth was changed forever. Check out NASA clip. Credit @NASAGlenn


Good morning folks ! It’s a good morning for me. So here’s close-up of … you know what ? Parallel first…

Good morning - prickles - parallel

and cross-eyed view. Enjoy the prickles !

Good morning - prickles - cross-eyed

Well, so many people saw tiny skulls on my last post. I did, too. But nobody said “SAGUARO” ! That what this is. A Saguaro Cactus. And today, I spent an inspiring morning in a beautiful forest of these wonderful organisms near Tucson, Arizona.  Love it. This is a spiritual place for me. Tucson once saved my life. But that’s another story.

Parallel 3-D view

Cactus - parallel

and cross-eyed. Yay !

Cactus - cross-eyed

Reposting from my dear friend @audreydforreal – we loved meeting this guy in Sabino Canyon this morning. Road Runner ! We don’t see them back in UK – except in cartoons !! We didn’t see Wily Coyote this time, and the road runner didn’t go “Meep Meep” – more of a kind of soft purring chirp – but it’s so joyful to see wild animals having a decent life undisturbed by the Hand of Man.

Mr Road Runner


Call me crazy, but I always see the spirits of Indian chiefs in the mountains surrounding Tucson, Arizona. I love them. They give me a feeling of Peace. Some years ago, inspired by the book ‘Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee’, me and my friend Dirk went on a pilgrimage to try to understand the real story of Native Americans. It was an inspiring journey, making us some great friends in the community, and leaving us with an amazing story in our heads, which we dreamed of telling some day on film. The monumental success of our Freddie movie may just have opened the door to being able to make that dream a reality. We shall see. But in the meantime, whenever I am here, I see those images in my mind, and feel close to the ancient Great Spirit of America. I’m grateful.


Mountain - Native Indian  face

Brian May: Panning around rigging and Phoenix arena

“Feeling kinda proud of what we do at the moment, gotta tell ya’.”
Talking Stick Resort arena, Phoenix

Phoenix arena view

Monumental ! Phoenix Arizona tonight. That was a beautiful night from where I was standing. Best yet on this tour, as we start to really lock in to the new format and set-list, and the sound of the room was great, and the response from the audience particularly inspiring. I honestly felt I played my rear end off – and I don’t often say this !!

Thanks Phoenix !! Monumental !! This is you guys (and me!) in Love of my Life. Sweet dreams all.


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