Fake !!! Opportunists – Guys completely “In it” – Johnnie Walker


FAKE !!! These opportunists faked a picture of me ‘wearing’ their schlocky pullover ! Don’t be fooled. I think these people have been peddling stuff under a variety of brand names … for a while now – including stuff that pretends to be official Queen merchandise. I imagine they target anyone who follows me – and I’m shocked that Instagram allow it to go on. Does anybody out there think it’s time IG took some responsibility ?

Fake t-shirt

Yep ! This is from Bryan Singer’s personal record. Shows how completely ‘in it’ these guys were. And I only just realised how close those boards were to smashing my precious (loaned) guitars were.

Brian May: Shows how completely “in it” these guys were
https://youtu.be/n9GDl5gYG2c Footage: Bryan Singer

Bri and Johnnie Walker at BBC Radio 2, 20 Nov 2918

With the excellent and venerable Johnnie Walker at the Beeb this morning at crack of dawn ! We are old friends – and my Mum adored him ! I think our chat is aired this Sunday on BBC Radio 2. [Correct date 2 December]


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