What’s this ? Check bonfires – Slash and Garth Brooks


What’s this ? In Bohemian Rhapsody colours ? This is what a hedgehog looks like in a thermal imager. This hedgehog was looking for a place to hibernate. Viewed any other way he would be completely concealed in this tempting pile of friends and twigs he’s chosen to go to sleep in, that is destined to be burned on Guy Fawkes Night. Anne Brummer has saved 6 of the little creatures today by locating them using this device. See her on SKY TV NEWS TOMORROW AT 8.20am. PLEASE ! SAVE THE HOGS !!


PLEASE make sure somebody checks your local bonfire tonight. Every hedgehog counts. Thanks.

Don't let me burn

PLEASE ! Help to save our Hedgehogs from tragic deaths

Bonfire night - think wildlife

Bless ya Slash. Thanks. Your approval is worth more than a thousand ‘critics’. Respects always. 

"Slash Bohemian Rhapsody approval 4 Nov 2018

Thank you Garth Brooks. You’re awesome. And your words mean so much to us.

Bohemian Rhapsody | A Tribute to Queen: Garth Brooks | 20th Century FOX


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