A bit like a message in a bottle – Parliament Square


This is a bit like a message in a bottle.

I hope there are some dairy farmers out there who will find this message, probably pretty sure in their minds that a badger-hugger like me could have nothing to offer them. I ask just one thing – read it. And then tell me you’re not interested. This is for real. It may take a while for the message to get through, but the success we can show at Gatcombe is a story which could transform the life of every beleaguered dairy farmer in Britain.

One day soon there will be no more TB infected cattle – and no more killing of badgers. The tragedy will be over. I swear this is the beginning of that happy ending. 

Brian May: A bit like a message in a bottle 09/01/2020

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Amazing Grace - Parliament Square 8 Jan 2020
Photo credit: AP?

Hmmm. Thought that might catch your eye ! Not a common sight in Parliament Square ! Amazing Grace the Hedgehog and yours truly, in lobbying and interviewing mode today at the Houses of Parliament, and the lovely Tracey Crouch, MP – a woman of massive empathy and boundless energy – one of the greatest advocates in Parliament for animal welfare you could ever find. Thank you for your time and commitment, Tracey. And of course I stand with my tireless campaigning partner and magically talented CEO of Save-Me – the one and only Anne Brummer.

We were highlighting wild animal issues and managed to generate some media attention for our current hedgehog campaign. For details please visit Savemetrust.org.


ri with Tracey Crouch MP, Amazing Grace and Anne Brummer


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