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Amazing compilation video of New Horizons approach to The Kuiper Belt Object Ultima Thule (2014 MU69). Suddenly we see what NOBODY expected – those ‘lobes’ stuck together are not even close to spherical. They’re closer to hamburger shaped ! I could watch this for hours ! What a mysterious object !! 

Thanks Ian A Regan


Ouch !!! This is great ! Arielle rocks !!! And – you know what ? This ain’t too bad a song !

Headlong – Queen (Arielle)

Great day fashioning the Gower Project core team into a powerful force to eradicate Bovine TB. Left to right – Anne, Ifan, Dick Sibley, Bri, Steve. Big thanks to Robert and Julie for hosting the meeting at Gatcombe – where this strategy was born. In the future history which will detail how the badger cull was abandoned as a senseless tragic mistake, and TB was finally brought under control in the UK – the name of GATCOMBE will be legendary.

Gower team

This is lovely ! Bless you both. Reminds me how much I miss my Mum. 


Opening vote

I don’t suppose this will attract half a million hits, but, because of the story that goes with it, it’s probably one of my most significant posts ever.

Our colleague Dick Sibley is a brilliantly innovative farming vet, who has pioneered the Gatcombe protocol for clearing a cattle herd of bovine TB. We’ve been working with him for about 4 years now, developing the strategies which we are convinced will revolutionise the world of cattle farming.

Last night Dick gave a presentation to a room in a pub in Devon, packed to the brim with farming vets from the area, some farmers, and a couple of DEFRA officials. Anne and I were part of the presentation, lined up for Q and A. It’s the first time we have ever sat with a whole room of men and women who have been actively killing badgers. To walk in there was hard for us, but also hard for them.

In this community we have long been regarded as the enemy. We were seen as badger huggers, sentimentalists, activists obstructing the policy of culling tens of thousands of badgers which was thought to be the great hope in their battle against the disease – Bovine TB – which for some was threatening their whole way of life.

For us, obviously, the pain we have felt at what we regard as the morally unjustifiable destruction [of] whole families of innocent native animals has been amplified by the growing certainty that this government-backed policy is NOT benefitting the cows or the farmers anyway.

Against this background, picture Dick taking the floor to a hushed audience, not actually hostile, but uniformly sceptical about what we were delivering. Dick has a wry sense of humour. This was his first projected slide. He asked for a show of hands on Question number 1. Not a single hand was raised. For the second question, just 2 hands went up. They belonged to the DEFRA officials. For Question 3 ? A forest of hands.

At that moment we knew that the tide was already turning. That these honest people were ready to hear and believe a new story. Because the old story has become impossible to believe any more. This is why I know for sure that the hideous badger cull will soon be merely a part of a dark and shameful piece of history.