Kings Daughters ft Arielle !! – Not Science Fiction


It wasn’t LOVE —- It wasn’t real —- but it’s better —- than the DEVIL I KNOW !!

Click on the LINK in my SLINK !! Quick ! It’s currently still Number 1 in the Blues Chart – let’s hoist it up the mainline chart !!




 [IG users] – Listen again with the phone on its side !!!

This is such a beautiful new single – from her forthcoming album to be released in May.

Peace of Mind

You can see the whole vid at

Meanwhile check out Arielle’s great tracks on YouTube and her featured appearance on the new Kings Daughters single. AND !!! The new Brian May Guitars ARIELLE is now previewing on the BMG website.


People ask me why I post sideways on IG ?!!! I’ll tell you, because not many people seem to know this !! Instagram delivers STEREO SOUND !! But you only hear it if you turn the phone ON ITS SIDE !!! This is a great example. Turn the phone horizontal and put your head close up to it. Enjoy the great STEREO !!! Love those clanging 12-Strings !!!

Of course the other reason to post sideways is that it’s much better visually for landscape format material – the letter-box shape comes out very small in Instagram used in the normal way. On IG stories (and Reels, I guess) it’s even better because you get more width to play with and the picture can come out nice and big !!



THIS IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION !!! This amazingly complex landing sequence on Mars is due to happen TWO DAYS from now ! In 6 harrowing minutes the NASA probe will gently drop a band new Mars Rover called Perseverance and a HELICOPTER called Ingenuity on the surface of Mars – at a site – known as the Jezero Crater – which sports a giant dried-up river delta – probably the number one location on Mars to look for evidence of LIFE ON MARS.


My colleague Claudia Manzoni and I are proud to be part of the team who will analyse the data from Perseverance – and for us that means Stereo Photographs ! Can’t wait to share with you folks !!