Nominated for BAFTAS – Found a new pal !


Rami Malek - and BAFTA nomination commen

Nominated for BAFTA(s) ! Hoorah !

I think there is a wee subtle message here, from our homeland critics, which I’m sure some people will be smiling about. But I will refrain from comment ! ? !! Thanks guys ! And – Go Rami !!! *****

Just saw that very happily we have some very significant other nominations.

For Sound – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY John Casali, Tim Cavagin, Nina Hartstone, Paul Massey, John Warhurst.

For costume design : BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Julian Day.

For make-up and hair : BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Mark Coulier, Jan Sewell.

For editing : BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY John Ottman.

For cinematography : BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Newton Thomas Sigel.

Wonderful – and all well deserved !

Omissions – very strange to me that Lucy Boynton is ignored as either leading or support actress. And I’m disappointed not to see a nomination for special effects. I can only conclude that these people don’t really understand what was achieved by our team. There are no explosions or rocket ships, but the re-creation of Wembley Stadium as it was in 1985 is a massive triumph.

I see people are already saying that Bohemian Rhapsody not even being included in the nominations for best film is a tangible insult. I guess it is. But for some people it’s hard to admit they were wrong. History will be the judge !!! Well, actually, I think the people have already spoken.

A million thanks, folks. SEE MORE IN “QUEEN NEWS

Brian May’s LA Mantis pal

I found a new pal ! Amazing creature appeared today on my brickwork. A mantis ? I think so. Must be a girl (the boys are small and she eats them, right ?) Are they common in LA ? How do I make sure she’s safe in this dangerous world we created ? I watched her for ages. Til she disappeared into a safe-looking clump of bamboo.

Awesome !