Golden Globes – and – Kerry Japan


Golden Globes snapshots ! I think Rog and his alter-ego Ben Hardy have a message for the critics !!  

Roger Taylor and Ben Hardy at after party

Golden Globes stereo snapshot. Yes we DID win 2 of these beauties. But this – for 3-D enthusiasts – is actually just ONE in stereo. Sadly, Rog and I don’t get to take one home after all – the awarding body apparently only gives them to designated nominees. We’re really just the uncles of the film. But all good. We have photo’s !!

Golden Globe trophy - stereo

Dear friends in Japan —— you are in for a treat !!! See Kerry live ! Subarashi des’ !!! Oops !

Kerry Ellis Japan poster

Dinner with King Adam !! Discussing Apple Pie. Did your Mum make it with cinnamon or not ?! What are the implications for the First Fathers ? And … making some plans !

Brian and Adam Lambert

So ! We made History, it seems !! Thanks all. And thanks HFPA. Enjoying the moment !

We made History - LA Times

Golden Globes snaps. Family picture !! Me, Graham King, Mike Myers, Rami Malek, Rog, Jim Beach. Cripes !!!

Golden Globes family picture