Thanks King Rami – Golden Globes


Thanks King Rami - with Brian

Thanks King Rami – you are IT !!! I’m still in shock at walking away with the two top awards of the night. THANK YOU Golden Globes !

Golden Globe - in stereo

I promised you guys a stereo pic of a Golden Globe if we were fortunate enough that one should come our way. Well … here it is ! Splendid object !!

Great moment - Brian, Roger and Rami with Golden Globe award

All the more splendid because of what it signifies. Eeek ! Still in shock !!!  Great moment ! Thanks to all who made this happen. 


TV News from Japan

From my correspondent in Japan !!! News of the Golden Globes travels at the speed of light ! Thanks @kerryellis79

Delirium at Golden Globes - Brian, Rami, Roger

Delirium at the Golden Globes tonight ! 

Lucy Boynton and Brian May at Golden Globes

With the unsung (so far) heroine of the film – the truly awesome Lucy Boynton who immortalised Freddie’s Mary on screen. Respects ! 

Bri and new bro Gwilym

And lastly but not leastly … my fantastic new brother – the younger me ! – Gwilym Lee. No words are enough. Eternal thanks Bro’ !

Surreal. Just woke up, wondering if all that Golden Globes stuff last night really happened ! And amazed to start the day with a million followers right here on IG. This is what my phone looks like. Thanks folks – hope I am worthy. And … my head hurts !!! But it was worth it !!! OK – back on the bike !!!

Love to yo’all.

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A new nomination for Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie. Great to see appreciation for the wonderful work of Paul Massey and the sound and music team for our film. The enveloping rendition of the sound at Live Aid is a major part of the movie’s power to enchant, and bring folks back for more ! Thanks Paul.

Bohemian Rhapsody picks up CAS nomination - Variety

Thanks to these guys for some decent coverage. Not sure if this will be readable or view HERE.

And even then … hmmm. But you can check out the Daily Telegraph ! Am I really saying this ?! Ha ha

Telegraph - The rock star who rocked the stars

Golden Globes 3-D snaps. In 3-D for free-viewing. The very modest Mr Malek. Contemplating his well-earned Golden Orb. Hero.

Rami Malek in 3-D

Rami Malek in 3-D