Great piece of memorabilia – and – Worth playing truant


Roger Taylor's invitation to Imperial College 23 Aug 1970

A great piece of memorabilia !! From Roger Taylor – in Rog’s own hand – an invitation to one of our first QUEEN shows, in a lecture theatre at Imperial College (my college) in 1970. It held about 100 people, and we made popcorn and orange juice for the audience ! This invitation was sent to friends and people we thought might record us ! What did we play ? Keep Yourself Alive, Jesus, Great King Rat, Doin’ All Right, Hangman … and others. I’m sure there must be a tape of it somewhere ! 

A day in the life … it was worth playing truant to spend an afternoon with these guys.  Lulu the baby badger, and Hannah Solo – the lone fox cub.

Brian May plays truant with Lulu and Hannah Solo

The tabletop selfie sensation continues !! I swear 1.6 million silly folks like me will soon be doing this !!

Brian May: Tabletop selfie sensation continues 23/04/2019

And this is what I saw – two little guys who don’t care that they come from different lineage and have different colour fur – they just love each other – so why can’t humans manage this ? Yes .. I could have stayed all day … but there was important stuff to do. Like moving 7 tiny growing fox cubs to their new temporary home … outside in the soft release run. TBC !

Brian May: Two little guys 23/04/2019

A few humans … and 7 small fox cubs in a pet carrier … on their way down to their new home while they grow strong enough to face the wild world.

Brian May: Seven fox cubs on way to new home

And out the little monkeys come ! The Magnificent Seven Musical Fox Cubs emerging from their transport of delight, a little timidly at first in their new surroundings, but soon their inquisitive nature takes over ! Filming is in progress – for Channel 5 later this year. Thanks Claudia and your team.


But seriously, guys …