To the Moon today ! – Kerry – Best playmates – and Tony Iommi


This is how my kids (big and small !) got to the Moon today ! Courtesy of some home Saturn Rocket engineering by chief Easter Bunny Graham, we undertook a series of adventures to collect Moon samples and clues and deliver them safely back to Earth – to be exchanged for the final clue, leading to chocolate !!! This is a test run of the opening scene !

Happy Easter Monday Evening, folks !!





Somebody to Love ! Best playmates today at the Rescue !

nne, fox cub and baby badger

Anne, fox cub and baby badger

Anne, fox cub and baby badger

Anne, fox cub and baby badger

Listen ! Awesome ! My dear pal Kerry Ellis smashing the Anthem from Chess at the Albert Hall last night. There’s a lot of noise from someone building a shed here (!) but there’s no mistaking those wonderful pipes and that matchless passion. Kerry just completed FIFTY dates on tour as Special Guest. Nobody can say this lady hasn’t paid her dues. The Best ! Proud. 

The song, written by Benny and Bjørn of ABBA, with lyrics by Tim Rice, is a masterpiece. “Let Man’s petty nations tear themselves apart – My Land’s only borders lie around my heart” – an amazing expression of patriotism – which of course is what a National Anthem is. I see this as a universal national anthem to end all anthems. To me, it’s on a par with “And did those feet “ by the mystic, William Blake, placing pride in our family origins at the core of pride in ourself. Profound stuff ! And Ms Ellis has the rare power to deliver such emotion.

 Yes I DID hear Josh Groban sing this song at the Albert Hall some years ago at the gala performance of Chess. It was that moment that inspired me to create this arrangement especially for Kerry. I’m very proud that she carries it with her. 



Memories of a great Easter Saturday with my dear pal – Tony Iommi – who took these photos. Sunset up near Broadway Tower. 

Bri by Tony Iommi

Bri - turned around - by Tony Iommi

I claim this to be the best sequential iPhone stereo of a Father of Heavy Metal EVER !!! Tony Iommi on our epic Easter walk !

Tony Iommi by Bri - stereo

Tony Iommi by Bri - stereo

I’m going to bed now. Good Night folks.