Badger Watch


Brian May: Badger Watch 30/08/2023 (green)

In pursuit of our BBC documentary on Badgers and cows and bovine TB, tonight we were privileged to take part in a badger watch.

So wonderful watching these peaceful creatures go about their family life. But desperately sad to realise that even in this protected woodland spot, they are no longer safe. Even though they are vaccinated – and so couldn’t be in anyone’s wildest dreams be considered a threat to cattle, If they stray into neighbouring fields they are being trapped and killed, as part of the continuing badger cull.

Of this family of 22 members a couple of years ago, only 8 are now left. Reluctantly, after fighting this senseless slaughter for 10 years now, we have to admit that the only way to stop it is to remove the Tories from power.