We live in a building site now

London - a building site
London – a building site

Queen meeting today. I don’t think we have ever been so busy. Amazing. And it’s thrilling to know that the World is now waiting for our next step.

From our meeting place we had a grand view of the giant building site they call London these days. If you look closely you can see that this is the old Battersea Power Station, with the iconic chimneys rebuilt. But the whole thing is now engulfed in a rash of maniacal building works, and will soon be impossible to see from anywhere in the city but the river. I can’t help feeling our beloved London is wrecked now. Cranes, pollution, noise and dust, and an ever growing uncoordinated jumble of soulless concrete and glass. To cap it all, the great black cloud hovering above it is the disastrous failure of the Brexit attempt. And seemingly nobody has the power to stop it. How much more embarrassing does it have to get before we sweep it all away and get back to sanity ?

Well, time to make music.


And yes – I did take a hyper stereo of this view of (apparently) the biggest building site in Europe. Trouble is .. it kinda had to be landscape format, and that doesn’t sit well in OWL territory – and even less in Instagram Land. So this landscape stereo view comes out very small here. If you wanna see it better, you can SCREEN SHOT it, trim it, and view it with the phone turned sideways, or just zoom in if you’re viewing on a laptop …. OR … swipe on your phone screen to see a cropped version which works better on IG.

London building site - stereo 01

Cropped version: 

London building site - stereo 02

If you view stereos cross-eyed:

London building site - stereo 03

London building site - stereo 04

Or you could just say “Screw it – I’m moving on!” Actually it’s too painful for me contrasting this scene with the world of our little foxes. Is the world that we are building becomes more like this concrete nightmare, what room is there in it for the wild animals with whom we used to share our lives?


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