Who in the world ??!! – Signing BMG guitars


Who in the world ??!! At my table top ! Yes !!! You guessed it !! The infinitely wonderful golden chanteuse Kerry Ellis. A catch-up over brunch. Oh Lord, it’s been too long …

Brian May and Kerry Ellis brunch catch-up 30/05/2019

Beauty ! Talent !! Magic !!! And some ‘ol guitar player … it’s a day to be be grateful ! We are thinking it might be time to get those wheels turning again. The studio is calling. Ya think ? Did you miss us ?

Brian and Kerry - brunch selfie 30 May 2019

My next job of the day ! This has become a weekly recreation down here in Red Special Land. SIGNING outgoing BMG guitars, which you folks kindly purchased on the last tour.

Bri with batch of guitars 30 May 2019

Guitars for signing 30 May 2019

Bri and guitar cases 30 May 2019

Some of them get a special dedication !!! Now who would like this one ? !!!

Bri with dedicated guitar 20 May 2019

Dedication 30 May 2019


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