One more day in Parliament


Brian May – Tabletop selfie Portcullis House, Westminster 29/05/2019

Tabletop Selfie time ! In Portcullis House – my day job – lobbying for animal welfare – meeting one of our favourite people – friendly and compassionate MP Tracey Crouch. Against a background of Brexit debris, and the serious and mostly sidelined issues of animal issues, we had a lighter moment. Portcullis House is a kind of extension of the House of Commons – where … stuff gets done … but you have to be persistent. We are !

One more day in Parliament. Picture 1 shows Anne, my gallant fellow SAVE-ME crusader, and myself in Parliament Square.

Bri and Anne Brummer - 29 May 2019
Brian and Anne

… then for a slightly more sensible pic of me in PCH with Tracey Crouch, Conservative MP and fearless animal advocate,

Bri and Tracey Crouch - 29 May 2019"
Tracey Crouch

then meeting Jo Swinson, who just might soon be leader of the Lib Dems, who also is committed to ending the badger cull, in favour of a policy which is humane and actually works.

Jo Swinson and Bri - 29 May 2019
Jo Swinson

Notice we are civil with decent MP’s of ALL parliamentary parties ! The rest needs no words. We SHALL overcome.

Bri and Anne Brummer - 29 May 2019

Westminster - 29 May 2019