Shores of Normandy – Korean “Queen In 3-D”

Jim Radford
Jim Radford

What a great song to have at Number 1 ! Reminding us all of the terrible price many of our dads and grandads and great grandads paid for the freedom from tyranny that we all enjoy today. Search for the SHORES OF NORMANDY on YouTube – written and sung by Jim Radford – who is 90 years old – a veteran of D-Day 70 years ago. The bravery and sacrifice of these young men deserves to live in all our hearts forever.


Good Morning folks ! I am a new man ! Yesterday smashed my blues to bits ! So here’s one more pic from yesterday – taken by DENIS DENIS (he’s always referred to in stereo these days) with his new experimental double Canon stereo rig.

What do you think ? I thought I’d hit you with the cross-eyed view first, this time.


Those of you who prefer parallel viewing (like me), or use a stereoscope:


Another … the Mono (flat) view:

Brian and Korean Queen In 3-D

and the last picture shows that this book is even more special than usual!

Brian showing page of Korean edition "Queen In 3-D"
Brian showing page of Korean edition “Queen In 3-D”

Yes, it’s the Korean edition of Queen in 3-D, due to be published in a couple of months time. I’m very excited. That’s a first for me.

Many thanks for my new favourite shirt Lynn Nakayama ! Today I have donned something perhaps equally arresting ! May today bring you new dreams !!