Beauty !! Harmony !! Destiny !!!


Beauty !! Harmony !! Destiny !!! This was my first Bride-on-Bride Jewish wedding ! [Mon 03 June] And I have to say it was one of the most joyous nuptials I’ve ever experienced. To see the flame of love in the eyes of these two girls, and the warm and wholehearted support of both their families in this celebration of a union between two souls was awesome.

And to be part of this beautiful coming together made it seem unthinkable that in any place on this planet it should be impossible for such a marriage of love to be accepted.

In a world where it seems to me so much is going so wrong, it was wonderful to see something which is going so right. Wishing you all the happiness in the world, my dear friend Nicole, and your lovely bride Einav.

Yes ! They did the breaking bottle thing ! And the ‘being lifted up on chairs’ thing ! But just to see them sweep on to the dance floor in matching white chiffon for the first dance was a moment to treasure. Not a dry eye in the house !

– and I nearly forgot ! Mazel Tov !!!

Jewish Wedding - 01

Jewish Wedding - 02

Jewish Wedding - 03

Brian and Anita - Jewish Wedding - 04