The ‘Arielle’ new production model guitar – King’s Daughters


Arielle and Bri with guitars

A new production model guitar – so close to ‘in production’ now. The ‘ARIELLE’. Exciting day ! Lots of other stuff to talk about … but .. later.

So which is the original and which is the new prototype ? (bear in mind the scratch plate is not yet right.)

Arielle and Bri show guitars


Arielle and Bri show guitars - parallel


Arielle and Bri show guitars - cross-eyed

Have a good day folks.

King's Daughters with Bri 17062019

Not having fun at all. Yep – just another day in the office … Them Poor Gals .. sorry – KING’S DAUGHTERS are here (actually at Roger’s delightful gaff, because we’re recording drums). It’s MAJOR fun – a tonic for me – can’t wait to release this happy song to the world.