And looking back 20 years – Lost Guitar


And, looking back 20 years just before we first put We Will Rock You on stage at the Dominion Theatre London – here’s what I said :

2002 : Queen – We Will Rock You : The Rock Theatrical

“We’ve moulded the story around the songs, and we’ve moulded the songs around the story.” Brian May In 2002, Queen rocked London’s West End with their musical “We Will Rock You” which, twenty years later, is still a global phenomenon.


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Mazz Murray and Emerson - London Press

YES !!! I’m a little late posting this but … yes – we DID manage to reunite the lost guitar with its owner – a young man called Emerson – who one day will surprise us all !! Thanks Evening Standard for this write-up. Thanks to the redoubtable @mazzmurray for actually powering this happy story – and thanks to all of you who helped spread the word. Social Media as a thing DOES have its good points !