“A Day In The life”


“A Day in the Life” – retrospectively – on our non-travel day off (a rarity), here you can see before, during, and after the Houston Show yesterday.

Houston - Howdy
Houston – photo Brian May

Not gonna lie to you – after two shows on the trot at over 2 hours a time without any breaks, and travelling as well, my whole body feels like it’s been beaten up ! But in compensation there is the warm feeling of a job well done, and around 35,000 happy faces. I’m proud of our team and our new show. And last night, I felt I was worth the asking price. I played some notes nobody’s ever seen before !!! That’s something you can’t plan. “Doesn’t always work !”, as Tommy Cooper used to say.

Brian May: Good Memories Houston 24/0/72019

Houston – photo Pete Malandrone

Cheers all !


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