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Waiting for my dragonfly. This gives me peace. But only for a moment.

Brian May: Waiting for my dragonfly

Today is Day 2 of Production Rehearsals. Obviously it would be foolish to give details away, but our new set is the most STUPENDOUS rig I have ever seen. It was a tough decision to break up the set we toured with last year -definitely the greatest production we’d ever put together. But it was the right decision. This transformational rig will blow your minds – I promise ! And, with a few new twists, the music shouldn’t be too bad either !!!

Great posts on @rogertaylorofficial – from Rog’s 1970 diary. See what we might have called our new band ?

Roger Taylor's Diary 1970 - 01

See what happened next !

Roger Taylor's Diary 1970 - p2

FYI – I.C. is Imperial College – where I was studying for my PHD. I used to book a lecture theatre in the “Mech Eng” building for us to rehearse. It was Mike Gross – our original bass player – who came over to ‘run over the numbers’ – ie familiarise himself with our songs. It didn’t really work out with Mike – our styles didn’t match. So we went in search of a bass player, and eventually found .. a young Electronics undergraduate named … John Deacon !


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