Rehearsal Land – and – Eclipse


Rehearsal Land … a complete replica of the way things will be on tour. Sooooo tempting to leak something … the excitement here is palpable. But no ! All shall be revealed in 10 days time when we open in Vancouver. Yay !

Everything this way

This glorious sight is what we’ll all be missing tomorrow – those of us who are not in Chile or Argentina, or somewhere in the South Pacific. Those of you who are down there – have a wonderful Total Solar Eclipse Day ! The rest of us will have to be content with photographs – like this splendid capture by Jamie Cooper in Nashville, two years ago. What a beauty that was !

Eclipse by Jamie Cooper
Photo: Jamie Cooper


Hello People of the Earth ! There is something about California that makes it easy to focus on fitness and well-being. Love it !

ri focussing on fitness and well-being

You can watch the Total Solar Eclipse LIVE RIGHT NOW – from La Silla Observatory, Chile ! ! Join me !!! and to all my great friends in Chile and Argentina.

European Southern Observatory (ESO) Live Stream

—- ENJOY !!! But protect your eyes – it only takes fraction of a second to damage your eyes forever. DO NOT TAKE THE RISK. Use an approved viewing filter until the moment of totality – and put it back on your eyes as soon as the first rays of sun reappear.

Solar Eclipse - Image 02

TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Sun in progress right now in Chile !!! Totality in about an hour’s time. 

Solar Eclipse 03 - 1 hr to totality
Solar Eclipse – 1 hr to totality

Enjoying the eclipse on our giant vid screen in rehearsals ! Maybe it should go in the show ! Ha ha ! Watch it with me !

Solar Eclipse footage  – before totality

Solar Eclipse - Chile - totality

How cool was that ? Astronomy rocks ! –

Just one more eclipse shot – mixing it – better get some work done !! This is a sequential stereo and somebody moved – that’s why they look like they’re sinking into the kit !

Parallel view:

Solar eclipse stereo - Parallel

Cross-eyed version, you cross-eyed folks ! I enjoyed sharing this cosmic moment with you all !

Solar Eclipse - Chile - cross-eyed

Cheers !