All credit to the Daily Mirror – Thanks San Jose


All credit to the Daily Mirror for promoting this campaign to end the vile ‘sport’ of trophy hunting. There is no place for this disgusting behaviour in the world today. No excuse. If you want to help, visit the Mirror website or the League Against Cruel Sports. I am in full support.

Daily Mirror- End this horror

Me and my Bro’ say THANKS San Jose for a great welcome [last night].

Bri and Roger by Helen Bovill


Me and my Bro’ might disagree about anything you care to name, but we have learned mutual respect over the years, and somehow when we play together, some kind of magic still happens. All hail Rog !!! We are proud of what we are, an ouvre we have worked for nearly 50 years to create and constantly update.

I have to say that being called a ‘tribute band’ by some half-assed critic in the local paper is an insult I will not quickly forget. We don’t need your condescension, Sonny Jim. That’s my life’s work you’re dismissing there. I guess you’re the only one who didn’t really ’get it’ in that wonderful rockin’ crowd [last night] in the good ol’ SAP Center. I can still hear your roar, folks, ringing in my ears.

Bless ya’all.