Deeply honoured – Teaser – Non-human rights – Freedom !!! – Power the Movement – Soundcheck


Bri with RCGS medal

I was deeply honoured to receive a beautiful medal from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in Toronto. They very kindly made me a Fellow in recognition of the part I’ve played in making Science more accessible, and bringing Music and Science closer together. My grateful thanks. I will add more details about this when I have a moment. And I believe that the Society will be publishing a short video showing the ceremony.

RCGS medal in box

RCGS medal unboxed

Brian and dignitaries RCGS medal ceremony

Medal in box - close up

Medal reverse close up


Medal side - parallel


"Medal side - cross-eyed

Medal detailed close up

Teaser !!! (Forgive me !)


This is one of the saddest pictures I will ever post. No creature deserves to live in endless solitary misery like this. PLEASE support the Campaign for Non-Human rights. @nonhuman.rights.project – Spread the word for the sake of this poor creature and so many others. Surely it’s time.


In contrast, I offer this moment in the life of @anneatsaveme – yesterday. How does this feel ? This little rescued family here receives the greatest gift of all, after some TLC – FREEDOM !!! I hold it self-evident that every creature on Earth deserves this gift. Do you agree ?


Power The Movement poster

So !!! This is where it starts. I’ll do some more explaining soon, because this will work very differently from the 20th century model, but here’s my official quote to go with this announcement – along with quotes from the other artists involved. What a line-up !!!!! ———.

“Like Live Aid in 1985, we believe this concert will be a milestone. It will generate practical solutions to address the world’s glaring anomalies. Global Citizen is an organisation which has already moved mountains. We hope this concert will be the beginning of a new era in which all creatures on Earth will eventually benefit.“ And so … to work ….

Join up !!!

Queen + Adam Lambert Global Citizens Festival

Soundcheck in the Capital One Arena, Washington DC. 4pm today. Fisheye tours !

Brian Fisheye - Washington DC - Capital One Arena 30/07/2019 4pm

Brian May: Soundcheck Capital One Arena, Washington DC Fisheye 30/0/19

WOW ! Thanks Washington DC for taking us to your hearts tonight. And thanks  Jane Sabini, Jaime Ortiz Mangado,  Shelley Naylor for the pics. With love from me and my cyborg.

Bri Cyborg by Jane Sabini

Brian Cyborg by Jaime Ortiz Mandago

Brian Cyborg by Shelley Naylor