Announcement !!! – Magnificent Seven – Back on the bike – Toronto – Washington


Power The Movement – teaser – 29/07/2019

Announcement !!!

More details soon. This is a big one. What is it ?

Think: Solving Earth’s most urgent problems. Think: “COULD THERE BE A 21st CENTURY Live Aid?”

One of the Magnificent Seven

News of our Magnificent Seven !! These little beauties are now ready to face the world. For more details check @anneatsaveme or visit

Ha ha ! A bit wobbly, this one ! Biking and selfies probably don’t really mix, if you’re sensible. But then again I’m not really sensible. What do you do when you’re wiped out and can hardly move out of bed ? GET BACK ON THE BIKE ! Good Morning good folks. Remember ! YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE !!i T-shirt courtesy of Neil Fairclough – thanks Neil !!!

Brian May: Get back on the bike – Toronto 29072019

LAST NIGHT in Toronto !!! OK – I know I’m in danger of overdoing the adjectives – but – INCREDIBLE !! I really don’t think I ever heard a greater roar – not this year – not last year – not EVER !! Blown away. Thanks guys for the kind of response to a performance that we all dream of. These are some of Pete’s pics from the guitar station where he watches over me and the guitar every night and ensures that it happens flawlessly. Well, almost flawlessly ! Ha ha ! In the pursuit of ever-increasing excellence, perfection is a dangerous illusion, to be avoided at all costs !!! Right ?!

Toronto - Bri and glitterball - by Pete Malandrone

Toronto - Bri in yellow stage smoke - by Pete Malandrone

Toronto - View of Audience - Pete Malandrone

A moment last night in Toronto’s Scotia Bank Arena … I never like to give too much away, but this is an evocative record from a different point of view. Thanks @tracyannsee – And thanks all you beautiful Toronto folks for an amazing response. What a night !!! 



Washington DC !! Good to be back ! And, on the way from the airport to the hotel, I was lucky enough to witness a total eclipse of the Sun by the Washington Monument ! In proper eclipse style, the 3 stereos are a sequence – first in parallel 3-D, and then in cross-eyed fabulousness. If you don’t ‘get’ stereo, I’m sorry, but I’m sure by now you can find someone to explain it to you !!!

Washington Monument - mono


No 1

Washington Monument - parallel - 01

No 2

Washington Monument - parallel - 02

No 3

Washington Monument - parallel - 03



No 1

Washington Monument eclipse - crosseyed - 01

No 2

Washington Monument eclipse - crosseyed - 02

No 3

Washington Monument eclipse - crosseyed - 03

Hoorah !! We will rock Capital One Arena tomorrow ! And so … to bed ! ‘Night folks.