Hello Detroit !!!


Hello Detroit !!! Wow ! I never saw such an incredible transformation. Over the many years we’ve visited this city we’ve seen it go through hard times, though there was always a very strong Rock Spirit here. Today it feels reborn as an artist’s’ paradise. Warm and relaxed with music and laughter and good food everywhere ! Happy to see that. Not that I get a lot of time to really experience the vibe – I’m too busy trying to keep fit and capable of rockin’ to the max ! So this is me tonight, hopefully, somewhere up there in the stars, searching for Heaven !!

Big thanks to Linda Geijs for this lovely visualisation.


See you there, folks !

Wow indeed ! Detroit Little Caesars Arena says “Welcome” in Style ! Thanks guys !

Brian May: Little Caesars Arena says “Welcome” 27/07/2019

Posing … fun … but today, backstage, I just had what I think may be the most important encounter I have had in recent years in the cause of improving the lot of non-human animals. More soon. But I’m excited.

Bri poses by poster Little Caesars Arena lobby

THANKS Tyler Warren !!!

Eliminating gifts - by Tyler Warren

Eliminates caring - by Tyler Warren

Enjoy your gift - by Tyler Warren

American greetings - by Tyler Warren

Loving the splendour of classic Detroit architecture. They have been smart enough to keep it, restore it, and add to it in keeping with the style. How I wish my home town had done the same (sigh).

Detroit architecture - 01

Detroit architecture - 02

A delightful pair of (stereo) pairs ?! Roger Taylor and his lovely missus, Sarina photographed yesterday in 3-D by yours truly on … a plane ! Sarina subsequently decided to join the exalted ranks of Team Stereo !!! Watch for future action !!


Roger on flight - parallel

Sarina on flight - parallel

Cross-eyed views.

Roger Taylor on flight - cross-eyed

Sarina on flight - cross-eyed


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