Thank you, dear Detroit rockers !!! – Hello Toronto !!!


Thank you, dear Detroit Rockers !!! Unbelievable !!! We loved every minute of tonight. [28 July]

What an incredible contact we felt with you all out there. This is the point in the tour where we are getting to know the terrain and are able to go the extra mile in interpretations. Tonight there was nothing more I could have asked for. I was able to give to the max – inspired by the vibe of the moment – moments like that are precious.

Bless ya – every one !!!

Bri on stage - Detroit

Bri in Detroit red jersey

Hello TORONTO !!! Great to be back ! Wonder if I will hang off this glorious CN Tower again this time !! Oh – tell you what – maybe we could play a show !!!


Toronto CN Tower - parallel


Toronto CN Tower - cross-eyed