R.I.P. Peter Chant (Queen Accountant)


A sad day for us. Funeral of a dear friend. Peter Chant has been the Queen accountant for so many years – a rock of sensibility and sound advice through all the ups and all the downs of our career. He handled all the work personally, and had a unique style which in this day of electronic light-speed processing is already just a memory.

His analysis and prognostication was delivered with a wry humour and a characteristic resigned shake of the head. No matter how good our news was, for Peter there were always grounds for concern ! This is probably what made him the perfect foil for our insane ambitions. While we reached for the stars, he kept our feet firmly on the ground.

We will all miss Peter dreadfully.

Thank you for your wonderful work and your friendship.

Rest In Peace, old friend.


R.I.P. Peter Chant

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