Thanks good people of Tacoma !


Thanks good people of Tacoma ! That was an amazing night.

Thanks to Ric Lipson for this photo – and for the wonderful work he and the Stufish team have put into this touring production. And thanks to our brilliant crew for making it all happen tonight and every night.

Bri on an asterpod - Tacoma

I love being suspended in space with my new pals – those amazing little planets !!! It’s mesmerising and inspiring. By the way, the piece I’ve played the last 2 nights while in space is part of Czech composer Dvorak’s New World Symphony. For me it’s a symbol. And I always loved this piece.

Bri on an asteroid  - close up - by Ric Lipson

Cheers all


As I watch the Sun go down in San Francisco tonight, I ponder how I felt on that sunset 34 years ago – after we’d played Live Aid in the Old Wembley Stadium in London Town. Little did we know how those few minutes on that day would reverberate down through time. So many sunsets since then. And I know for certain that if our dear bro’ Freddie were still with us, he would, like us, still be out on the road, far from home, giving it all in pursuit of the roar of a crowd – a crowd of folks who, like us, feel something special stirring in their bodies, and want to celebrate it.

34 years later, why am I here ? Why are we here ? Because this is what we do. I’m still grateful, and somehow still 100 per cent driven. Yep – it was all worth it. Thanks for that roar, folks.

Guitar note:

Freddie and Bri with guitars - Live Aid

Here you see twin Fender Telecasters – in the spirit of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I still have my black one, and it appears as a prop in the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie – on the meticulously reconstructed Live Aid stage. Freddie’s cream Tele was stolen from our warehouse around 1990. Somebody knows where it is … some day perhaps it will reappear. But for now, like the man who wields it so inimitably here, it’s just a memory.

Just one more LIVE AID memory before bed. Here’s Freddie and Deacy on that stage exactly 34 years ago today. Did anyone notice that Freddie’s hand covers the exact spot on the backdrop where he was born ? Zanzibar.

Freddiie and John at Live Aid

Sunset in San Francisco this evening. I love this city – always have. Magical. And I love a sunset. So now I just need to ease my bones enough to thunder through 2 hours 10 minutes of wall-to-wall Queen classics tomorrow night in …. San Jose !!! Yay !

SF Sunset - No 1

SF Sunset - No 2

SF Sunset - No 3

I always look for the GREEN FLASH – as the last direct rays from the Sun disappear from a clear horizon.

SF Sunset - No 4

SF Sunset - No 5

SF Sunset - No 6

SF Sunset No 7

I think tonight I got lucky – what do you think ? ! Oh yes ! How was Oracle Park tonight, Bay Area Guys ?!!!