Beautiful people of Mansfield Xfinity Center


Hey beautiful people of the Mansfield Xfinity Center !!! THANK YOU ! That was potentially the hardest gig on the tour technically to pull off – but it turned into probably the most memorable – and I felt truly inspired. Beautiful ! These pictures are us and you tonight in perfect harmony. Bless ya ! Nobody in the world could ask for a better audience. New England rocks with old England !!

Respects !

Bri at Mansfield 4 August 2019

Adam - Mansfield 4 August 2019

Adam and Bri - Mansfield  4 August 2019

Bri - end catwalk - phone lights - Mansfield 4 Aug 2019

Great pic of Adam in action in our Philadelphia show. Thanks Jane Sabini – rockin’ !!!

Adam in Philadelphia by Jane Sabini 3 August 2019Bri