Second night MSG – Happy’s Freedom Rally


Second night in Madison Square Garden – already just a memory … I had a night of giving it my all yet feeling insecure. This picture seems to capture that feeling. It’s a moment seldom captured of me in my post-Cyborg suit, winding up Bohemian Rhapsody and the set. Thanks for the pic @freddieliquidmetal – and It makes me happy that it was a great moment for you and for so many passionate attendees … It’s a strange life out here. So much magic, so much warm noise, yet laced with such silences – like right now, as I sit alone with my phone at 1am, wondering what I should share. And what it all really means. Thanks for the love you give us, folks.

Bri MSG night 2 - post-cyborg suit

I will be there in spirit. Surely this sad and deprived creature deserves to spend the end of her days with her own kind – not imprisoned in solitary misery ? For details please check @nonhuman.rights.project. Help Happy and others like her to be recognised as beings worthy of respect and compassion.

Happy's Freedom Rally

BIG THANKS to all of you kind folks at the United Arena tonight in CHICAGO. We experimented a little with the set list – and a new shirt for me, courtesy of the fabulous Marley !!! Thanks also to Helen Bovill , Mary Kate @murtate44 on twitterand @Kaybeetodd on Twitter for these mementos. Tomorrow (well, today, actually) we journey to St PAUL. No rest for the wicked !!! Are you ready, Minnesotans ?!!

Brian Chicago - with arm raised - by Helen Bovill 2019

Brian Chicago by Mary Kate 2019

Brian Chicago by Mary Kate 2019