Can’t find the words – Moment of gratitude – Queen super firework display


You know … sometimes you just can’t find the words (or the pictures) to post – know what I mean ? The experience of Nashville and the James Burton gig was so memorable and so full of warmth and special moments I wasn’t able to get to grips with putting my feelings out there – here. But here’s a very imperfect snap to mark the occasion – along with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s made me feel like I was special. And most of all to James B – who led us all in this rock guitar journey for so many years.

Imperfect snap - Bri - James Burton and Friends
From video: @momentsin3D

And another moment of gratitude —- 6 million air plays ? Good grief ! Of a song that never made it to being an “A” side in the UK ! WE WILL ROCK YOU ! Still !!! Big thanks to all of you who made this happen – you know who you are !!!


Bri with certificates of Achievement

Photo : Sally Avery-Frost.

6 Million broadcasts We Will Rock You

Oh – and then there is Fat Bottoms … 

3 Million broadcasts Fat Bottomed Girls

SWITCH SOUND ON !!! Thanks Yumiko Z  for sharing this Queen Super Firework display – see more on her site. Lovely work ! I have mixed feelings about firework displays these days. I used to love them as a kid. But now I know that many pets and wild animals literally get scared to death, I would be inclined to limit them by law to licensed displays, and limit the percussive element. After all, they are about visual beauty- right ? Why subject every creature within earshot to endless repetitive bangs ? And this now goes on for a whole month in the UK. I would limit it to one night per year. Time to move on. And how come I see bits of plastic waste on the ground after Nov 5th ? Surely it’s a no-brainer to ban the use of plastics in fireworks ?