Flashback – I really needed the sleep – Me with the boss man – Sunspots


Flashback ! It’s still Remembrance Day here in Nashville Tennessee – well, actually Veterans’ Day over here. This moment will always, always, be one of my proudest memories.  Kerry Ellis soaring magnificently above a massive orchestra and large BM guitar in our special version of ‘Anthem’ from Chess, a one-off performance for Remembrance Day at London’s Royal Albert Hall, exactly 9 years ago.


I really needed the sleep … but, rarely for me, I watched 3 movies on the flight to Nashville. Cried buckets over TOY STORY 4 – in the happy bits, of course. Enjoyed Rocket Man – although I wanted to see more of the joy and triumph of Elton – such a wonderful performer I missed crying those tears of joy. But what swept over me like a hurricane was PAVAROTTI. Oh my God – just a documentary – but put together with such exquisite skill by Ron Howard – it kills. We see glorious talent, mighty passion – but best of all we see a MAN – in all his frailty, passion and pain – and ultimate triumph. See it, Folks.

Brian May: Watched Pavarotti on flight to Nashville10/11/2019
Pavarotti Documentary on DVD/Blu-ray

Me with the Boss Man !!! The one and only Godfather of Rock and Roll String Bendin’ – James Burton. Doin’ lots of talkin’ before we get down to the rockin’ tomorrow. Ouch !!! Still pinchin’ myself a little bit …

James Burton and Bri

It’s a Mercury Day !! This great picture taken by Jamie Cooper shows a tiny black dot in the face of the Sun, just a couple of hours ago. That’s in addition to that nice big group of fuzzy Sunspots to the right, which just happens to be on the Earth-facing side of the Sun right now. The black dot is quite sharp and black – it’s the planet Mercury – seen here in silhouette, in ‘transit’ between us and the Sun. It won’t happen again until 32 years’ time. That probably counts me out, so I’m happy to see this one !

Sunspots by Jamie Cooper

Sunspots by Jamie Cooper - closeup