A little Christmas cheer, folks !


A little Christmas cheer, folks ! You probably recognise the tune ! This is (part of) what I played on a white sustainiac-enabled Fender Stratocaster at our Save-Me Christmas Carol Service last week.

Thanks to Pajaro Pezfor this lovely animation based on the beautiful art work of Carla Infanta. Special greetings to our friends in Chile who are going through painful times. It’s keeping busy that gets me through Christmas (though it’s hard because everybody you wanna work with disappears into frenetic Christmas traditional pursuits !) I always have an underlying feeling at this time of year that “everyone gets it except me.” I find the intense atmosphere of jollity and enhanced consumerism can intensify feelings of loss, sadness, loneliness. So if any of you out there feel this way too … this is specially for you !!!

Thanks also to the incomparable Justin Shirley-Smith for marrying picture to sound, which I recorded at home in ‘Voice Memos’ on my iPhone.

Hava a very May Christmas

Pajaro Pezfor (animation)
Carla Infanta (artwork)
Justin Shirley-Smith (picture to sound editing)


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