Tributes to Taylor Hawkins through art – Dimorphos simulation


More lovely personal tributes to Taylor Hawkins through the art of those who loved him. Thanks guys !

 More lovely personal tributes to Taylor Hawkins through art – compiled by Sarah Rugg 26/09/2022

Rehearsals in the Forum today. Great excitement. Sadness in our hearts of course – but also the joy in experiencing such a life. Thanks to Sarah Rugg for collecting these. Taylor Rocks forever !!!

Meanwhile, several million miles away … a tiny asteroid system is about to be attacked. By us !

My esteem’d colleague Claudia Manzoni has made this quick stereo movie from an animation by NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Candece Seling and Nate Rudolph… it’s the tiny ‘moon’ Dimorphos which will be hit by NASA’s DART mission self-guiding missile today. Log in to NASA TV or the DART website to see it live – from 3pm this afternoon if you are in LA. – or from 11pm in the UK.

Note : this is a SIMULATION only – nobody yet knows what Didymos and Dimorphos look like.

Dimophos animation by Claudia Manzoni  26/ 09/22