Going a-hunting the clean boot !


Yes !!! We are going a-hunting ! Hunting the Clean Boot! To support these good folks who are bravely moving the world – and the countryside – forward. These people are Compassionate Riders. There will be no torture and no death of any creature on this hunt. Just a man and/or a woman running, pursued by an amazing pack of bloodhounds – who, when they catch the runners, will give them a good licking !! Come along to lend your support if you like – but be warned it’s not a time for me to be signing autographs. It’s a fun event, but it’s not about me.

In other places in the UK on that same day there will be other meets of hunts still clinging to the traditional vile cruelty. Still trying to justify it on the one hand, and on the other hand pretending that they rip foxes apart ‘by accident’. You’ll see them reported in the Telegraph, and the Mail, claiming that the countryside community supports them. But the times they are a-changin’.

… Bri

Clean Boot - PA

Clean Boot - PA
Credit: Press Association

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