Nice way to start my week ! – Come back one minute past midnight


Nice way to start my week ! Yes, I know – late start, but there are reasons … Our friend Fa is always nearby at the rescue. He just made that decision by himself. His brothers and sisters from the Magnificent 7 are all still not far away – like humans, foxes are all different – have various personality traits and habits. We love this guy. He’s still wild – because he determines his own lifestyle. Seems to me that is what every animal has the right to do – including humans, of course. Happy Tuesday, Wild Ones !

Brian May: Fox cub Fa close by 10/12/2019

Another rescuee at Save-Me HQ – a long-eared brown bat with a damaged wing. She’ll be OK to go back our once her wing is healed. These guys live a long time in the wild – IF their home isn’t disrupted by humans. Enjoy !

Another rescuee – December 2019

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DON’T PRESS THE BUTTON !!! But come back HERE at one minute past midnight Greenwich Mean Time tonight for big QUEEN announcement !!! OK Folks ? Tee hee ! OK —- 7pm in New York, 4pm in LA ???