Artist Koji Kinutani – Teo Torriate, Osaka


Today I discovered the work of artist Koji Kinutani. Wonderful ! Beautiful !! Full of joy and colour and outrageous imagery with a quiet contemplative heart. Actually – beyond words !! You can find an exhibition of his original art works atop the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka. And an incredible 3-D film which gloriously allows us to dive into the worlds he creates. This opened a new door to me. Google him ! And watch out for his logo for the Olympics. But above all —- just look !!! THANKS Umeda folks for taking care of me.

Koji Kinutani artwork - 01

Koji Kinutani artwork - 02

Koji Kinutani artwork - 03

Koji Kinutani exhibition


Artwork - 04 parallel

Artwork - 05 parallel


Artwork - 04 cross-eyed

Artwork - 05 cross-eyedTeo Torriate in Osaka yesterday night. Can still hear those lovely voices. Backstage vid by Pete. NAGOYA folks – are you ready ?!!

Teo Torriate from backstage Osaka – 30 Jan 2020 (by Pete Malandrone)

Bri and Nangano 1998 poster