My Kitsune Briborg – Jasmine tea – Japanese paper beauty


Thanks guys !!! My Kitsune Cyborg – or Briborg if you wish – is happy. Yokatta desu. Should he come again ? Yes – he is INARI – inspired by Toyokawa Shinto Shrine. Thank you dear Noriko-San for making him happen.

Cyborg by _seventhmoon_

Cyborg - credit unknown
Photo credit 蘿蔔(Yuki)@fragile0131

Cyborg by @r_gawa_

Cyborg by @dank_mag

Kitsune Briborg by Sarah Rugg

Kitsune Briborg by @d.artzello

Kitsune Briborg by @yeah_gita

Kitsune Briborg by @joyfamoore
Based on original photo by 蘿蔔(Yuki)@fragile0131

The perfect way to climax a delicious Vegan Chinese meal !!! Jasmine tea with dry ice. Yes – we invented it ! I’m sure it will catch on.

Jasmine tea with dry ice – 30 Jan 2020

Sorry – I should have said … DON’T DRINK THIS !!!!

Japanese Paper Beauty ! Thank you Emma.

Japanese paper beauty - mono


Japanese paper beauty - parallel


Japanese paper beauty - cross-eyed

Bri XX