Pleasure to announce – Thank you Osaka – Happy Birthday Adam Lambert


It is a pleasure to announce …. !!!!


Q+AL Birmingham banner

A big thank you to you beautiful Osaka folks last night in the DOME !!! Here I am reaching out – feeling a need to connect as much as possible. Amazing – almost too much for my small brain to compute !! Photos: Sergio Momo !!! 

Bri - Osaka
Credit: Sergio Momo
Bri - Osaka
Credit: Sergio Momo
Bri - Osaka
Credit: Sergio Momo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM !!! Yeeeeeay !!!


After Gym and Spa (that’s why I’m so wet), a Vegan delight ! Breakfast up in the clouds looking out over the spectacular skyline of Osaka. Even I have to admit life doesn’t totally suck. Yes – I’m getting better at this gratitude thing !!! Good Morning !! And O-Kini Osaka !

Breakfast with Osaka skyline

But there is a price to pay ! I play as much with my nails as the pick (coin) and after two and a half hours of a night, playing with maximum adrenaline, the damage accumulates quite fast. In the old days my right hand nails would be worn down to the quick by now – and they would be bloody. I have pictures somewhere … But now – due to the miracle of Powder Gel – help is at hand ! Literally !!

Nail - a price to pay

Brian May gets an Osaka manicure

Bri with Kumi-San girls

Kumi Mizoi business card

I can see the beautiful dome where we played last night to 38,000 warm and generous fans. An awesome experience. I wanted to be closer ! But this is something for me to ponder today as I gaze out on this extraordinary city about which I know so little. Except that there is a lot of love here for us. Who could have thought it … in 1970 when this all began for us.

Osaka skyline


Osaka skyline - parallel


Osaka skyline - cross-eyed

Share my view, as the Sun sets in Osaka, on my recharging day.

Brian May: Osaka City view – 29 Jan 2020