Day off ! – Great Stereoscopy


Day off ! Fun at Roger’s seaside mansion ! Working in my skills … But I did not win the Jenga. Emma is the unbeaten champion ! Photos by Sarina Taylor

Bri playing Jenga - by Sarina Taylor

A beautiful spot about 45 mins outside Auckland … and a sight we don’t see at home – the Southern Cross (upper left) – with the two bright stars that are the ‘pointers’ to it – Alpha and Beta Centauri. And then the Brave Stars of my old friend Orion – who appears upside down, down here in the Southern Hemisphere (try explaining THAT from a flat-earth point of view !!) – with a very much faded Betelgeuse (here below the three stars that line up to make Orion’s Belt) – no longer a first magnitude star. All the astronomers are wondering if it’s exploded and we might see that explosion soon, when the light from it reaches us. Light from Betelgeuse takes about 650 years to get to us. Things to ponder.

NZ day off

NZ day off

NZ Day off

Brian May’s Day Off nr Auckland, Oyster catchers & Dunedin 09/02/2020 –

Oyster catchers at sunset and moonrise…. Getting to know Dunedin ! My first time ever on the South Island of New Zealand. Nice brisk walk and met a new friend, a red-billed gull, chasing my blues away. Also unexpectedly met a lovely bunch of Vegan humans nearby. Hello Dunedin !! Rockin’ tomorrow !


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