Keep Yourself Alive ! [Pt 1 and 2] – Wonderful poem


Brian May: As promised…

As promised …Keep Yourself Alive !

How the guitar part goes. Of course I don’t sing it ! Someone else does that ! But you guys can this time ! The slowed down version comes next !

Take care out there !

Poem by Kitty O'Meara

Wonderful poem by Kitty O’Meara – glimpsing the future context of the CoronaVirus pandemic. This poem is already deservedly viral, but I’m happy to add to its outreach. The lady who wrote it, I have learned, lives in Madison Wisconsin, and seems like a great, warm person. As well as deeply inspired. This work resonated perfectly with me, having realised a few days ago that apart from killing and hurting humans, almost everything the virus is bringing to the planet is beneficial. It’s sad to be reminded so clearly that most of what Mankind has done to the planet is bad. All hail Kitty O’Meara !!



Brian May: KYA Pt2 – 25 March 2020

Don’t even THINK of watching this if you’re not interested in guitars, Queen music , or musings on the CoronaVirus. This is the conclusion of my MicroConcert of last night – which veers off into a Star Lick tutorial. And some noodling. And some concluding thoughts about the situation we’re all in, as humans, right now. THANKS so much for the comments you’ve sent me about these guitar Microcosms – it’s actually taught me a lot in terms of what I have to offer and what I might be doing with it in order to maximise its effect. We all need to be aware of the effect we have on those around us – if we have time to stop and listen. We all need a mirror.

Take care dear folks