You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – Microconcert Number 9


You’ve got to hide your love away – MicroConcert number 9.

A favourite John Lennon song – from the fabulous Beatles ‘Help’ album. An easy song to pick up the rhythm guitar part for. Guitar players note that the little finger of the left hand stays on that third fret of the top string almost the whole time !! All through the verses it provides a kind of bell-like clang – and only in the choruses does the top string become free to play a little counter melody. I don’t have an acoustic guitar here in my isolation, so I’ve used an un-amplified electric – a Gibson SG – to me one of the most beautiful guitars ever. It’s keeping me company ! And just fingers – no pick. To me, playing rhythm guitar is a noble art. It’s not all about wheedling ! Laying down a chordal base for a song really takes you into the heart of its structure.

And -Yes – I have obviously lost track of what day it is. It was like an old-fashioned Sunday in our street today – and it will be that way for a long while now, methinks. Unless there are more surprises in store for us. We are in an unknown land now.

Brian May: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – Microconcert #9 – 31 March 2020

Cheers all – Bri